UA-89528286-1 Podcast Episode 16: Addiction, with special guest Steve Barcia
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Podcast Episode 16: Addiction, with special guest Steve Barcia

October 23, 2017

Jake had the honor of having Steve Barcia from Zephyr Wellness, who is a marriage and family therapist and also an alcohol and drug counselor, as a guest on the show, to discuss deeper on the topic of addiction.

People with addiction have an intense focus on using a certain substance, such as alcohol or drugs, to the point that it takes over their life. They keep using alcohol or a drug even when they know it will causes problems.

Addictions do not only include physical things we consume, such as drugs or alcohol, but may include virtually anything, such abstract things as gambling to seemingly harmless products, such as chocolate. Addiction may refer to a substance dependence or behavioral addiction. Many of us can use substances or become engaged in activities without any significant problems, but in some people, however, may experience damaging psychological and/or physical effects when their habit becomes an addiction.

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