UA-89528286-1 Podcast Episode: A Vision With A Plan Can Change The World
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Podcast Episode: A Vision With A Plan Can Change The World

June 24, 2019

When you donate your time, skills, or money, you are generally doing it to make something better. Whether you help build a house, or provide library books or a school to children, or help fund research for a disease, the world is becoming a slightly better place with each donation.

As you become generous, you feel powerful and walk taller. You see the world in a more positive light. As you notice the plight of others, your perspective shifts and you don't look upon your own problems as much. The little things can be ignored, because you realize how little they truly are. Even though the world didn't really change, your perspective causes you to look at it in a better light.

Our guest for tomorrow’s episode are exactly that, good deed doers. Fighters for a better tomorrow. We are excited to welcome back Michael Sodini who is the founder of Walk Talk America and we also welcome Shrae Miller who is in the process of starting a non-profit group home for foster families.

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