UA-89528286-1 Podcast Episode: Are We Moving Towards a Better Society or Regressing?
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Podcast Episode: Are We Moving Towards a Better Society or Regressing?

April 5, 2021
Man is considered the most intelligent amongst all animals. Hence, human beings are not only superior but also evolved, and civilized. Civilisation has seen a stark evolution over many decades now for us to stand where we are today. How we perceive "today" and being "evolved" is very subjective.
Looking around in our own vicinity, with the rise of crime, our immediate environment compromised for selfish motives, spoilt habits and unnecessarily luxurious lifestyles, also living with societal prejudices about gender, religion, and caste, are we really as evolved as we think we are?
We are joined by Donald Conte who is a Professor Emeritus, Department of Earth Sciences, California University of Pennsylvania. A consultant, a author and researcher. He also runs a blog called


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