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Podcast Episode: Couples vs Individual Therapy

August 19, 2019

When problems threaten to swamp your marriage, that's a vital time to reach out for help.  At the same time, the kind of professional you go to for help makes a huge difference.

If your purpose is to work on your relationship, then it is better to come together (an exception is when there is physical abuse – then couples therapy is contraindicated).   A good couple’s therapist will have the ability to work within the relationship dynamic in ways that just aren’t there when a person is in therapy by themselves.  Research has shown that individual therapy with the goal of working on the relationship isn’t effective.  In fact, it can lead to separation.

Todays episode Jake deals with these two therapy types. He helps us see the importance of having your partner at your therapy sessions. If unbalancing a relationship, that is, fostering asymmetry of growth from treating just one spouse, can lead to the toppling of a marriage, that's a seriously bad outcome.

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