UA-89528286-1 Podcast Episode: Emotional Awareness: Check in with Yourself and Boost Your financial Well-Being
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Podcast Episode: Emotional Awareness: Check in with Yourself and Boost Your financial Well-Being

April 19, 2021
Financial wellness is like a fitness plan to improve your relationship with money, no matter what your financial situation is.
Understandably, all of us have money worries now and again. But just like how eating healthily and exercising makes us feel good in our bodies, positive money habits help us feel financially well.
Like a fitness plan, financial wellness covers routines and behaviors that make you feel more satisfied with your financial situation: whether feeling secure in your financial future or paying bills on time. And, of course, being able to afford things you enjoy, from holidays to the occasional shopping binge.
Tomorrow we welcome Lawrence Sprung. Lawrence is a wealth advisor and the founder of Mitlin Financial.
Lawrence and his firm prioritize clients first. He and the team consistently help clients make healthy financial decisions and offer a tremendous client experience that leverages today’s top tools and technology.
Jake and Lawrence the importance of checking in on your life from time to time to evaluate where you are in your life. This habit of emotional awareness provides you with a strong foundation to make healthy decisions within your life.

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